Monday, 28 May 2012

Eden Hazard signing contract with Chelsea FC

         Shocking News! Eden Hazard will sign contract with Chelsea FC. Eden Hazard is a Belgian player, who has been in dazzling form in France this season. Now his 3 year contract with Lille has expired. So its time for new one. He is willing to play in English Football. Almost every team in English football wished to have him in their team. Title race in english football has elevated, as Manchester City won the English Premier League this season marking an end to the long domination of Manchester United in english premier league. Chelsea FC is now the champions of europe. They won UEFA Champions League this season against Bayern Munich. They are also preparing a come back in Premier league. Next season of English premier league will be more exciting than ever. Increased competition among clubs have resulted in higher bids for players like Eden Hazard. 
         First, he tweeted that he like to play in english football. Next he tweeted he like "blue", he like to wear blue. But one thing, Chelsea and Manchester City are both blue.  Then i thought he would probably join Manchester City FC, as they are rich and their team owners don't bother about money. They just simply buy all the super stars for their team. Both Chelsea FC and Manchester City FC team owners are rich but Manchester City are much ahead than Chelsea in english football bid race. 
         But today Hazard shocked everyone by tweeting "I'm signing for the champion's league winner". As Drogba is goin out of chelsea and senior players like Lampard reaching their mid 30s Chelsea need some young talents as soon as possible. I think arrival of Hazard to Chelsea will satisfy this need. Next season of English Premier League will be more exciting than ever. Am waiting for it.......

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