Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Italian sailors escape

    Italian high commissioner should be jailed if Italian sailors fail to return to India before the deadline of march 22 given by the supreme court of India. They have fooled us once but don't let them do it again. Travel ban to Italian high commissioner Manchini should not be removed. They have killed our brothers and don't let them slip away. They should be punished according to our law. 

      My brothers and sisters don't  forget the fact that, this is not a new phenomenon to us. When the world's largest industrial accident occurred, that is when Bhopal gas tragedy occurred, the chairman of Union Carbide Factory escaped from India. After effects of that tragedy still continues today. Until now, we have failed to bring him in front of our law and justice and punish him. He is still leading a happy life abroad.

     Don't let history to repeat again. Somehow those italian criminals should be brought back to India. Italian high commissioner is our only way left. Don't let him away. Think!

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