Tuesday, 5 June 2012

NRO to give two powerful telescopes intended as spy satelites to NASA

         National Reconnaissance Office(NRO) announced that they are goin to give two very powerful telescopes intended as spy-satelites to NASA. Its NASA's job to place both telescopes into orbit. Actually its a huge relief to NASA because NASA have a powerful telescope named "Hubble" for space research but as they decommisioned space shuttle program its not possible to perform repairing works on Hubble. So after some time NASA would be forced to ditch it down into pacific ocean. So to continue with space research Nasa should find a new solution as soon as possible. NASA was proceeding with another space telescope program but that project is now over shedule as well as over budget. NASA could use these two satelites instead of ageing Hubble.
            Experts say, these two telescopes are 100 times more powerful than Huble as they have extra reflecting surfaces and larger lenses. Instead on turning eyes on rough nations NASA could turn it away from earth into deep space. Thus these telescopes will be useful to both NRO and NASA.
           As you guessed, there is a hitch, a huge hitch. These telescopes are powerful than Hubble and can be used to focus distant strs. But they don't have spectrometer or such hardwares to process huge amounts of data collected. NASA should develop such hardwares before the launch. NASA doesn't have enough fund for it. Along with that, such programs need engineers, more workers that also need more funds. Such projects requier annual recurring funds. Like that there are many many problems. Hope NASA would find a solution soon. Otherwise it will be a huge blow not only for NASA but also for our Scientific World.

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