Friday, 15 June 2012

Sun Blasts Huge Magnetic Wave towards Earth; Expected to hit on June 16th

         An active region on the sun has erupted, blasting a dynamic magnetic bubble(Coronal Mass Ejection - CME) of energetic plasma in the direction of earth. It is powering through space at a staggering speed of 1,360 kilometers per second(about 3 million miles per hour). A NASA spacecraft, one of two solar satellites called the Solar-Terrestrial Relations Observatory(STEREO) which is orbiting sun in the opposite direction observed the CME expansion.
         On June 13, AR1504(Active Region 1504) erupted, producing a flare along with a CME. It is expected that this CME will hit Venus on June 15th, Earth on June 16th and Mars on June 19th. Today's generated CME, launched from the same location is also predicted to slam into Earth's magnetic field on June 16th. It could potentially result in a geomagnetic storm.
                                      Have a look at anatomy of Coronary Mass Ejection(CME)

             CME's magnetic field can compress and distort the magnetic field of earth, called the magnetosphere. If the rotation of the CME's magnetic field i aligned correctly, it may become "geoeffective", causing the CME's magnetic field to connect with earth's magnetic field, resulting in geomagnetic storm, causing the injection of energetic solar particles into magneto sphere and a rapid release of stored energy. This could often result in spectacular display of Aurorae at high latitudes and some interference to modern technology. For example, Communication interference may occur, airliners may be directed away from polar regions and even electrical surge may be detected in national power grids may be detected.

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